This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
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  December 30, LA
Spiritual life when you have a cold... or worse.
  December 16, LA
You do not exist.
  December 9, LA
No one can love you as much as your Self. Stop blaming others for what they can't give.
  December 2, LA
The war within us.
  November 25, LA
The difficulty of teaching spiritual work.
  November 18, LA
What does it take to wake up from a dream? What does it take to wake up from life?
  November 11, LA
Nothing in life will answer any of the questions you have about life. You have to exit the system entirely.
  November 4, NY
An incessant hunger for awakening is what makes awakening possible. An occasional hunger leaves you asleep and starving.
  October 21, NY
Open eyed meditation is gazing into the eyes of another person and seeing past the accumulated narrative to the purity of the being within.
  October 14, LA
Serenity and bliss are not the end of the spiritual path. As long as there is a you to have an experience, the path continues.
  October 7, LA
Keeping it real.
  October 2, LA
My experience of meditation, step by step. The process of surrender and what it feels like to go deeper and deeper.
  September 30, LA
Seeking is the most essential ingredient in spiritual awakening. The hunger for truth is what brings truth.
  September 23, LA
There is a pervasive hysteria in our culture today that dominates people's lives. Use it or succumb to it. It is your choice.
  September 18, NYC
There is a "peace" that comes from acceptance and a "peace that surpasseth understanding." One is the doorway to the other.
  September 16, NY
Today is my 40th anniversary of meeting Rudi and Blanche – both on the same day. At least that is my personal mythology. Blanche is not so sure.
  September 13, NYC
The nourishment of a meditation class vs. Rosh Hashana dinner.
  September 9, NY
Presence as an act of grace. How the vertical intersects the horizontal and informs our lives.
  September 2, NY
Spiritual work is the only way two human beings can exist in the same "space," the same state of being. It is the true path to love and oneness.
  August 26, LA
Learn to trust your Self instead of your mind.
  August 21, LA
Do not expect a spiritual life to give you anything. If you are looking for happiness, worldly success, pain relief, you will not find them here. But you will find what you have been searching for.
  August 19, LA
If nothing you are looking for is in the future, how do you find joy in a present you do not like?
  August 12, NY
The Tower of Babel. People are as isolated as nations in their inability to communicate. True communication does not involve words.
  August 5, NY
Going deeper.
  August 1, NYC
Inaugural class in the New York Apartment. The idea is not so much to change yourself but to be yourself.
  July 29, NY
The desire and fear to be seen as you truly are. Open eyed meditation is the practice of seeing and allowing yourself to be seen.
  July 22, NY
Yahweh, the God of Moses, Christ, Mohammad and Job. The spiritual approach to a wrathful and incomprehensible God.
  July 1, NY
Show me a child in his first seven years and I'll show you the adult they will become. On transcending Karma.
  June 24, NY
The nature of being stuck in your life and in your practice and how the smallest change can free you.
  June 17, NY
Life wants to erupt inside us. Let it.
  June 10, NY
Our emotional life is as natural as the weather. It comes and it goes. To expect it to stay sunny forever is not true to nature.
  June 3, LA
A talk in praise of my students.
  May 27, LA
The difference between Rudi's work of spiritual effort and the practice of no effort is the difference between undergraduate and post-graduate work. You need both.
  May 22, LA
Being broken down, having everything taken away, is how we discover that which cannot be taken away.
  May 20, LA
Communion, the wordless experience of being with another, prepares you for communion with your shadow and then finally with your Self.
  May 13, NY
Seeing spiritual work as plumbing, charkas as valves, and teachers as rotor rooters helping to unplug the system.
  May 6, NY
Every choice we make in our lives is based on a hunger for survival. Unfortunately – or fortunately – we will not survive.
  April 29, NY
The journey of the prodigal son. The urge to seek the world of experience and the yearning for the journey home.
  April 22, LA
Rudi always said, a spiritual life is the journey to becoming nothing. In truth we are already no thing – so where is the journey?
  April 15, LA
We enter life like Pinnochio arriving at Pleasure Island. Soon we grow long ears and tails and become beasts of burden. Spiritual life reminds us who we truly are.
  April 8, LA
The true meaning of resurrection is not that you can be reborn but that You can never die.
  April 1, LA
When understanding and meaning evaporate and the mind realizes how little it can actually grasp. Learning to admit that you don't know.
  March 25, LA
"Opening Weekend 101." The spiritual lessons of having a movie opening nationwide.
  March 11, NY
For many people, a spiritual life is the pursuit of otherness, an escape from life, from what is. True spiritual life is embracing what is.
  March 4, LA
There are two kinds of tension to be dealt with spiritually: daily tension which can fuel your liberation and negative psychic tension which leads to endless bondage.
  February 25, LA
How do you fix it when you make a mess of your life? How does one find redemption?
  February 18, LA
Babies are taught who they are. We discover who we really are by letting go of what we were taught.
  February 11, LA
When was the last time that you felt that you were alive? When was the last time that you were aware of 'being?'
  February 4, LA
Suffering brings you to reality. Reality is what is. When the mind surrenders to reality, you arrive at the truth of being.
  January 28, LA
The Sundance Film Festival, egoism, swag and the pursuit as spirituality. Even ego is God at work.
  January 24, LA
Rudi was an alchemist. He knew how to transmute matter into spirit, blind yearning into spiritual upliftment. The key is 'the wish'.
  January 21, LA
It takes the journey of a lifetime to arrive at where you've always been. The value of searching for growth, happiness and fulfillment.
  January 16, LA
Being deeply stupid does not affect enlightenment. The only intelligence required is remembering to be present.
  January 9, LA
What do I do now? When sitting becomes unbearable – stop sitting. Why meditate if it isn't wonderful?
  January 7, LA
You do not need to travel to a secluded beach to find yourself or to be in the moment. The best vacation is from your mind. Take it now.