This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
To watch video recordings please go to tinyurl.com/brucerubin.

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  December 21, LA
What is "conscience" and how does it lead you away from God and to God at the same time?
  December 14, LA
Learn to re-experience the pre-verbal world of an infant – before words took over your mind. Rediscover what it means to feel an unlimited universe and the absolute delight in being.
  December 7, LA
Being late for class is like being late for life. You are always chasing the moment and never catching up.
  November 30, LA
Questions from the class. How do you see the world as yourself? How do you go deeper? How do you deal with regret?
  November 23, LA
Learning to surf the turbulent waves of our volatile and stormy lives.
  November 16, LA
Forget everything you’ve learned about spiritual work. Like reading sex manuals, knowledge and information pale next to an orgasm.
  November 9, LA
The transformative power of the election in our daily and spiritual lives. Just remember, win or lose, God is on your side.
  November 3, NYC
Learn how to love the being and not the story that enfolds it.
  November 2, NY
Fear, hope, and transcendence and the choices we make in life.
  October 26, NY
What to do when you get stuck, personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually.
  October 19, NY
Emotions have a short shelf life if you can just leave them alone.
  October 12, NY
Yet another talk on the economy – but with an optimistic slant.
  October 5, NY
Negative psychic tension release exercise. An essential practice for tense times.
  September 24, NYC
How to embrace personal and collective change.
  September 21, NY
There is a difference between trust, faith and knowing and each are needed in their time – especially in times like these.
  September 14, NY
You cannot learn the truth. It arrives as ignorance falls away.
  September 7, LA
Why not now?
  September 2, LA
Inexpressible joy and gratitude.
  August 20, NYC
There are good days and there are bad days. Say yes to the imperfect moment. Accept it and the door to yourself will open.
  August 17, NY
What the Olympics have to teach us about our spiritual practice.
  August 10, NY
The chakra system and how it relates to becoming a whole person.
  July 27, NY
BRAVE NEW WORLD, soma, and the impossibility of creating Utopia.
  July 20, NY
The biggest energy loss in the world is the energy lost through worry, fear and regret.
  July 14, NYC
Why have you come to this very moment? When will you realize that everything you ever wanted is right here?
  July 6, NY
Don’t mistake analyzing your life for knowing your Self. In time your life falls away. Your Self never does.
  June 29, LA
$5.00 a gallon gasoline, the North Pole melting, the end of life as we know it. Societal fear internalized and what to do about it.
  June 22, LA
Drama and intensity are the building blocks of life. Either you use them or they use you.
  June 8, NY
The place of love in spiritual practice.
  June 1, NY
This is it. This is all there is. There is nothing else but this. And this is it.
  May 25, NY
What it means to come to this class with no background in spiritual work or having studied with other teaches.
  May 18, NY
The delusions of a spiritual life.
  May 11, LA
"This is That", and "This is not That". These are ancient philosophical arguments and in the end both are true.
  May 4, LA
The burdens we all carry are full of nutrients. Don’t deny them, don’t suffer because of them, grow from them.
  April 27, LA
Living a conscious life. You don’t want to come to the end of your life having been conscious for 0.00002% of it.
  April 20, LA
Going beyond the fear of death.
  April 13, LA
You can’t be taught spiritual lessons, you arrive at them. What two weeks in the hospital revealed.
  March 23, LA
Easter Sunday and its lessons. How suffering leads to rebirth.
  March 16, LA
The inevitability of suffering.
  March 9, LA
On turning 65 and sharing the narrative of one’s life. The interaction of age and wisdom.
  March 1, LA
The need for subtlety in spiritual practice. You can’t muscle through. The only muscle you use is the muscle of letting go.
  February 24, LA
The essential power of the wish in spiritual growth.
  February 17, LA
Living happily ever after, even when the past week/month/year/decade sucks.
  February 10, LA
Get your act together. The spiritual necessity of re-parenting and repairing your lives.
  February 3, LA
Ringo and me.
  January 27, LA
The urgency of a spiritual life.
  January 20, LA
It’s all for you! Everything. In the deepest most personal sense, the universe exists for you.
  January 13, NY
Emotions and thoughts, which feel internal, are outside of you, and the world, which appears outside, is within. So where does that leave you?