This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
To watch video recordings please go to tinyurl.com/brucerubin.

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  December 6, NY
Week two of the experiment and the realization that not accepting what is — is still part of what is. It gets complicated — until it doesn’t.
  November 29, LA
An experiment in accepting everything exactly as it is.
  November 1, NY
Part 3 on the awakening experience.
  October 25, NY
Part 2 on the awakening experience.
  October 18, LA
My weekend with six awakened beings. A report. (NOTE: the volume is low.)
  October 11, NC
Introductory class. Talk given at the Self Inquiry Group retreat.
  October 10, NC
Meditating in Hollywood — living a spiritual life in the land of illusion. Talk given at the Self Inquiry Group retreat.
  October 4, LA
Are you ready to die for your spiritual life? Are you ready to die for anything?
  September 27, LA
Making your life extraordinary.
  September 20, LA
Where do You reside? If you enter the silence beyond body and mind, where are you and who exactly is there?
  September 13, LA
The dance of life — a metaphor for those of us who have two left feet and those still looking for their Partner.
  September 6, NY
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. The world is changing before our eyes. We are living it. We are designing and creating it. Let go of the old and journey into the unknown.
  August 30, NY
Pitching a movie script, dealing with critics, my son’s wedding and Hurricane Bill – spiritual lessons from an eventful life.
  August 16, NY
Great demand creates a great life. If you don't have enough demand in your life, create it.
  August 9, NY
Meditation is not a passive experience. It is a conscious effort.
  August 2, NY
There really is an instructional guide for how to live. It is like a program in the operating system of your life. Just tune in.
  July 19, NY
Every person has a life story, and none of them are true. To get to the truth of your story is very difficult. It may also be the purpose of your life.
  July 5, NY
The individual and the collective in meditation and in world consciousness.
  June 28, NY
A 40th wedding anniversary and the lessons that come with it.
  June 14, NYC
Your willingness to be seen. Learning to drop the mask and embrace your vulnerability. (NOTE: the talk is cut short.)
  June 7, LA
You really can't help being who you are. Your struggle is built into your DNA. Knowing this changes nothing and everything.
  May 31, LA
What do you do when life is hard? Lessons from the front.
  May 24, LA
The Ghost Musical and the tuba, lessons in the life of the ego.
  April 26, NY
Love. How we find it. How we lose it. How we get it back.
  April 19, NY
What it means to go deeper in your spiritual work and in your life.
  April 12, LA
The nature of spiritual nourishment and its essential role in human development.
  April 5, LA
I had an operation a week ago and had a premonition I would not survive it. This is what happened.
  March 22, NYC
It's not about you. As much as you may think that the world revolves around you, it doesn?t. Let that be a relief.
  March 15, NY
Rudi always said, pain is God's love. Getting old offers a daily opportunity to test that theory.
  March 8, NY
Spiritual teaching, the difference between being and emanating.
  March 1, LA
Remembering or forgetting God's Presence as the real source of what passes for good and evil in the world.
  February 22, LA
The nature of personality and how it aides or obstructs spiritual development.
  February 21, LA
Opening talk on Rudi's Samadhi.
  February 15, LA
All the little annoying stuff is as central to spiritual development as the "important" stuff. Nothing is insignificant. Nothing.
  February 8, LA
Taming the beast. Why Rudi?s work is so muscularly powerful in confronting that which robs us of our spiritual lives.
  February 1, LA
What if everyone in the world is actually enlightened and that their collective purpose is to enlighten and liberate you?
  January 25, NY
Thoughts on Rudi's Birthday and why his teaching is more relevant now than ever.
  January 18, NYC
Engaging in personal and societal transformation. How to overcome resistance to change.
  January 11, NY
What do you do when nothing is happening, when nothing works out, and there is nothing you can do? How do you live with that? How do you digest it?
  January 4, LA
Feeling God's absence can be as powerful as feeling God's presence. Not feeling God is where suffering begins.