This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
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  December 26, LA
Arriving at an irreverent, iconoclastic, and unfiltered life. In other words, learning to be yourself.
  December 19, LA
There is one concept that governs everyone’s life. It is called "safety." Unfortunately, it does not exist and there is nothing one can do to get it.
  December 12, LA
Why are you here? What is the goal of your spiritual practice?
  December 5, LA
The fantasy is that you are a wave. The reality is that you are the ocean.
  November 28, LA
So, what is a spiritual life? A hint. It has nothing to do with being spiritual.
  November 21, LA
There should be no solemnity in spiritual practice. Sitting with your Self should be like sitting with your best friend; no strain, no effort.
  November 7, NY
Either surrender to your life moment to moment, or fix what isn't working. Both paths lead to enlightenment. Inaction is suffering.
  October 31, NY
Your best self, your loving, wise, compassionate, expansive self, is your Self. Why hold on to the miserable unloving, envious, unsatisfied person you think you are? Why?
  October 24, NY
Graduating from Rudi’s work. What follows awakening.
  October 17, NY
Now what?
  October 10, LA
  October 2, NC
Talk given at the Self Inquiry Group retreat.
  September 26, LA
Ultimately, in spiritual practice, you discover that all your techniques fail you, that nothing works. That is the true beginning of your spiritual life, your entry onto the pathless path.
  September 19, NY
Spiritual teachers are temporary. If you identify with their form, you will lose them. If you identify with their presence, they will be with you always.
  September 12, NY
Career retirement and the inevitable breaking down of the familiar structures and frameworks that define our lives.
  September 5, NY
What is the value of a meditative practice in an everyday life?
  August 29, NY
Don’t believe everything you think. Don’t believe everything you feel.
  August 22, NY
How did I end up here? How did I find myself in this condition? This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. What to do when life takes you where you don’t want to go.
  August 8, NY
So, how do you get yourself to open when you’re closed? A chakra by chakra approach.
  August 1, NY
Still waters run deep. Find stillness and depth appears.
  July 25, NY
Arriving at now. No spiritual journey can begin anywhere else.
  July 18, NY
Like the Gulf oil spill, many of us are leaking internally, pouring crude unrefined energy into the environment and polluting the world we live in. This is how to fix it.
  July 11, NY
Memory loss is an epidemic in our society. Our mental and emotional hard drives are full. Spiritual perspective can correct that.
  July 4, LA
The nature of the energy work at the core of our practice.
  June 6, NY
In spiritual life as in all of life, good is not enough. True success comes from excellence.
  May 23, NY
How do you reconnect with your Self? How do you disconnect in the first place?
  May 16, NY
One of the biggest traps in a spiritual life is the sense of unworthiness. The fact is, you are unworthy. Get over it. It doesn’t matter.
  May 9, NY
The great discovery of a spiritual life is not that you are spiritual, but that you are human.
  May 2, LA
Like academic, scientific, and artistic breakthroughs, spiritual breakthroughs are out of your control. They come after periods of enormous struggle and you finally give up.
  April 25, LA
The experience of a spiritual shift, when suddenly everything in your spiritual life changes. It is like a diamond being faceted, you need to present the rough side to be cut.
  April 11, LA
When catastrophe strikes — learning to consciously face loss and rebuild your life, spiritually and materially.
  April 4, LA
Easter Sunday – the mystery of resurrection in a world of eternal life. How can you be reborn if you never die?
  March 28, LA
IMPORTANT TALK. Moving beyond the fantasy of having a spiritual life. Why you don’t have to go to retreats, wear orange robes, shave your head or even meditate to have a spiritual practice.
  March 20, LA
You don’t come to meditation to acquire something but to lay down the burden of being you.
  March 14, LA
Your physical life is your spiritual life. It begins with making your bed in the morning.
  March 7, LA
Disaster movies and the experience of transcendence.
  February 28, LA
The deepest spiritual practice is an ongoing "Yes!" to what is.
  February 21, NY
A talk on Rudi's Samadhi about the nature of effort and effortlessness in Rudi's work.
  January 24, NY
A talk on Rudi's Birthday about the value and nature of his practice in a spiritual life.
  January 17, NY
A sudden death in the family and how it informs the spiritual journey.
  January 3, NY
The people in your life are You. I don't mean this in the abstract, I mean it in the concrete. When you look at others you are seeing your Self.