This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
To watch video recordings please go to tinyurl.com/brucerubin.

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  December 31, LA
Spirituality and the iPhone. Happy New Year.
  December 24, LA
Christmas time evokes sad stories for many and the focus on happiness and gift giving often make it worse. Give the gift of Presence. It helps.
  December 17, LA
Growth – what it is, how one gets it, and where it leads.
  December 11, LA
Holiday tension and enlightenment.
  December 4, LA
How much do you value your spiritual life? If you could make a list, where would it fit? Money, Dancing with the Stars, Sushi, Spiritual life…
  November 27, LA
The search for the extraordinary prevents us from finding the miracle in what is truly ordinary. What appears to us as extraordinary is really the ordinary without mental or emotional filters.
  November 20, LA
Many of the old systems are changing or failing. Conscious reinvention is essential but there are no guides. Dig deep.
  November 13, LA
Taking risks. What have you got to lose when your life is not working – or even when it is?
  November 6, NY
The difference between rising above a situation and surrendering to it. Doing and not doing are equally demanding.
  October 23, NY
You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth. But here it is.
  October 16, NY
Why embracing the darkness completes us.
  October 7, NC
Talk given at the Self Inquiry Group retreat.
  October 2, LA
In the end — death wins. (NOTE: low quality sound.)
  September 25, LA
Facing the nothingness at the core of being.
  September 18, NY
It’s only a movie.
  September 11, NY
When a building falls, the space it occupied does not change. Reflections on the anniversary of 9/11.
  September 4, NY
Hurricane Irene and the muck at the bottom of the pond.
  August 7, NY
Return from London with stories to tell.
  May 29, NY
Lady Gaga sings I WAS BORN THIS WAY as an anthem to being your authentic self. But what is your authentic Self?
  May 22, NY
The process of aligning "me" with my Self.
  May 15, NY
“Life sucks” and what to do about that.
  May 8, NY
Why do people resist getting what they want? How do we recognize and overcome our resistance?
  May 1, LA
How do you extract yourself from the story of your life?
  April 24, LA
What exactly are we doing here when the goal is to do nothing?
  April 17, LA
Back in LA, the lessons of three months away from teaching.
  April 10, UK
We are all backstage and putting on a show. It is called Life. Whatever your role, star or stagehand, you are integral to the production.
  April 2, UK
The first preview of the musical and the lessons it offered.
  March 27, UK
Faith and trust are not passive belief systems but conscious ongoing acts of bravery in an uncertain world.
  March 20, UK
If you want to know what it feels like to be God, stare at a blank sheet of paper – and then fill it with something.
  March 13, UK
Seeing the remarkable in the unremarkable requires a conscious effort, a daily practice — until it just arises on its own.
  March 6, UK
From Manchester. We are all sitting in a dark theater watching the play of our lives unfold on a brilliantly lit stage. The play is infinitely compelling and its easy to forget where we are.
  February 26, UK
All lives are fixable. Up until the last second of your life, you can re-write your story. You can turn a mundane life into something meaningful.
  February 20, UK
Rudi’s Samadhi Day. The grace of finding a spiritual teacher and the grace that leads you to search for one.
  February 13, UK
Being real in a world of unreality, that is our spiritual mission.
  February 6, UK
The first days of a new situation. Strategies for making people like you. Spiritual work and social behaviors as complimentary tools.
  January 30, UK
Hello from London.
  January 16, LA
If you want to know what presence feels like, hold a baby and look into their eyes.
  January 9, LA
On January 7, 2011 my first grandchild was born, a beautiful young girl named Thalia Sky. She arrived bearing gifts.
  January 2, LA
The Self wants what you want. It has your dreams, your desires, your passions. It wants to grow, to live, to be. But it takes work.