This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
To watch video recordings please go to tinyurl.com/brucerubin.

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  December 30, LA
The human condition and the hunger for connection.
  December 23, LA
Everything is a story we tell ourselves or others have told us. Our beliefs and our faith is all based on those stories. Spiritual awakening explodes them.
  December 16, LA
The importance of embracing change and how it can help you to become yourself.
  December 9, LA
The power of afflictions to lead us into suffering or awakening, Knowing that everything is part of Totality.
  December 2, LA
Making bad choices and where people repeatedly go wrong.
  November 25, LA
If you come to meditate to get something, you will leave empty handed. It is the letting go of wanting anything that is the essence of what you seek.
  November 18, LA
Discovering the miracle that has always been the essence of your life. It's time to stop worrying about the price of gas and find it.
  November 11, NY
Who am I? Finding out who one is requires a lifetime of ongoing discovery and leads to the heart of ultimate Mystery.
  October 14, NY
Absence versus Presence. A report from the Self Inquiry Group Retreat 2012. This year's talks were remarkable. Watch them all at www.selfinquiry.org.
  October 6, NC
Talk given at the Self Inquiry Group retreat.
  September 23, NY
The heart chakra and the secret portal that opens to your Self. As Nityananda said, "Go there and roam."
  September 16, LA
General stages of your spiritual journey. How do you travel to where you've always been - and not get lost?
  September 9, LA
One last class about GHOST and moving on. A love story.
  August 26, NY
What to do while you're waiting for enlightenment.
  August 19, NY
The closing of GHOST THE MUSICAL on Broadway and the poweful lessons it teaches about embracing what is.
  August 12, NY
WARNING! If you are in a place of calm, peace and tranquility, you should not listen to this talk. If you are suffering, or experiencing doubt and confusion, switch it on.
  August 5, NY
Processing loss, grief, failure, and disappointment - lessons from the 2012 Olympics.
  July 22, NY
Life is a continual process of death and rebirth until you awaken to the deathless state that is your true nature.
  July 15, NY
Reality is the hardest substance there is, but it is permeable. Welcome to the soft reality that permeates our lives.
  June 24, NY
A dysfunctional material life is not a good foundation for a spiritual life. Luckily, a sincere spiritual practice can help build a new foundation.
  June 17, NY
We're dominated by the story of our lives. Awakening is essentially the loss of that story and the amazing realization of who we are and what remains when it is gone.
  June 10, NY
Superheroes, cartoons, and the American psyche. Why spirituality is so important at this moment in time.
  June 3, NY
Why making your bed in the morning is essential to a spiritual life.
  May 20, LA
Life is fine and not fine all the time at the same time. It will never be otherwise. Good and bad, light and dark, yin and yang are eternally intertwined. It is One Thing.
  May 13, NYC
In life and in drama, it all comes down to the moment of truth.
  May 6, NY
Sitting together in a state of Presence is a gift we give one another. Nothing else in life comes close.
  April 29, NY
How does opening a musical on Broadway contribute to enlightenment? Lessons learned on the great white way.
  April 15, LA
Rudi always said, "If you can do it in New York you can do it anywhere." How about doing it where you live?
  April 9, NYC
What most people mean who say they want a spiritual life is "GET ME OUT OF HERE."
  March 4, LA
"Oh my God, this is really happening!" What it takes for most people to arrive at what is real.
  February 12, NY
Meditation 101. A simple practice that takes a lifetime to master.
  February 5, LA
When sad stories turn tragic. How to approach the dark narratives of our lives.
  January 15, NY
What it feels like to watch yourself coming apart at the seams. An important part of the spiritual journey.
  January 8, LA
It's your life.