This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
To watch video recordings please go to tinyurl.com/brucerubin.

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  December 28, LA
Your Higher Self is the Source of all that is. It is time that you met.
  December 21, LA
Arriving at the end of spiritual practice - and the beginning of spiritual being.
  December 14, SR
Is this all there is? Often finding life insufficient and depressing is a necessary step on the spiritual path.
  December 7, SR
Confronting the Devil, the Dark Lord, and realizing why the Embodiment of Evil will continue to play an essential role in ones spiritual life.
  November 30, SR
The most remarkable thing to emerge out of the brute forces of the universe is love. You are its embodiment. You are its expression.
  November 23, SR
The problem with certainty.
  November 16, LA
There is no answer. The question is everything.
  November 9, SR
Because we were young, Rudi's taught us how to live, how to grow, how to negotiate life and become fully functioning human beings Only then, he said, was real spiritual growth possible.
  October 26, SR
The filters that separate us from the world and blind us to ourselves. How we acquire them. How we let them go.
  October 19, SR
First class in San Rafael. "Autobiography of a Yogi" and why the classic spiritual journey so often misleads you into a land of superheroes and fantasy.
  October 12, LA
Listen to this talk when you turn 70 or when you retire or when you appreciate that meditation is truly a life's work.
  September 27, LA
There is no path but your own. You are on a mythic journey and your only true guide is your innermost Self. Best to make Its acquaintance.
  August 10, BI2
It's not about you.
  August 10, BI1
The bear invasion. Shiva dancing.
  August 9, BI2
Accepting the perfection of who you are in this and every moment.
  August 9, BI1
Resisting what is. It is the very core of suffering.
  July 27, WA
You were never born and You will never die. What is at the heart of this mysterious saying?
  July 20, LA
Feelings and emotions are at the core of the human experience and yet most people are at war with them. If you trust them, they will lead you to your Self.
  July 13, WA
Experiencing the "grace notes" in your life and discovering the Infinite Grace from which they arise.
  June 29, LA
Inner work and outer work are at the core of this practice. This is not about sitting in a cave. It is about engaging the world as an essential mechanism of your spiritual life.
  June 22, WA
Fundamentalism and the risk of "knowing" the truth, especially when it is not your truth.
  June 8, LA
Fate and Destiny and the poetry of your life.
  May 25, WA
In dystopian times, the vision of utopia is crucial. Here is what it looks like - and why for some it is already here.
  May 11, WA
Why stories are so important in our lives. How they can entrap us or free us from ourselves.
  April 27, WA
Facing the final moment of your life takes a lifetime of practice. You don't want to start with only minutes left.
  April 6, WA
Impermanence defines our lives and yet nearly all of us are trying to escape into a world of security and safety. Good luck with that!
  March 23, WA
Seattle class. Why meditation and going to the gym make similar demands. The necessity of building core muscles and inner strength.
  March 9, LA
Seattle and the experience of profound transition. A lesson in transformation.