This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
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  December 30, SR
Endurance is one of the great trials of a spiritual journey. Where do you find refuge when you can't go on and your practice fails you? The answer is right in front of you.
  December 23, SR
There's a difference between change and fundamental change. Fundamental change totally alters the equation of your life. It is inevitable. Preparation is everything and few are prepared.
  December 16, LA
Everyone has issues. Even spiritual seekers and teachers have issues. Spiritual practice does not circumvent issues. It helps you to work through them.
  December 9, SR
Finding a new house, battling attachment and detachment, learning to let go and discovering the core terror of impermanence.
  December 2, SR
The act of creation connects us all to the Creator, to the very Source of life. We are all creators. Our inspiration lies in stillness.
  November 25, LA
Our lives are mostly filled with illusion and delusion. Almost nobody sees what is. We project a narrative on everyone including ourselves. But truth is always present.
  November 18, LA
The great pull of the world is outward. Most of our teachings are outer directed. The rare soul leans to go inward. That is where truth, wisdom and illumination lie. Be persistent.
  November 11, SR
Rudi always said, this life is your spiritual life. It plays out on the horizontal and the vertical. To live only on the horizontal is a source of suffering. The vertical allows for transcendence.
  November 4, SR
There is a huge need to appreciate loss in human affairs because only then do we celebrate what we have had and what we have now. You don't want to love life only as its ending.
  October 28, LA
Checking in with the ascended masters or, as Rudi would call them, the guys upstairs. It is important. They are talking to us. Learn to pay attention.
  October 21, OA
The urgency of now. Never in the lifetime of the world has a meditative practice been more essential. You will not find answers outside. Everything you seek is within.
  October 14, BI
What is it to teach when you know nothing? Welcome to the mystery. Welcome to the gateway to absurdity or wisdom. Hint. It may be both.
  October 13, BI2
Rudi often said, if it's in front of you, it's yours. You can engage, disengage, avoid, accept. Just remember the doctrine of right action. Do the right thing.
  October 13, BI1
How to work with being in the moment when the moment is too painful to bear.
  October 7, SR
We are all being played, by the media sphere, the political sphere, the world and each other. How we react determines our lives. Detachment is not disengagement.
  September 30, SR
Miracle workers and spiritual masters predict a state of being that overlooks the miracle of every moment. The miracle is our very Being. Become a witness to what and who you Are.
  September 23, SR
Emptiness is the ultimate state of Being. Knowing that in the midst of life is the key to contentment.
  September 16, LA
All spiritual and meditative effort is a practice in ascension. It is learning to let go of all burdens and attachments so your spirit can rise into the vastness of Eternity that is the essence of Being.
  September 9, SR
Many spiritual seekers are seeing a spiritual bypass. But there is no getting around life. Spiritual practice is what guides you through it.
  September 2, SR
The place for madness in the spiritual journey.
  August 19, BI
Living with certainty is easy. Living when you know nothing requires an extraordinary amount of faith and trust in the unknown. The unknowable is where life's secrets lie.
  August 18, BI2
The Universe loves you exactly as you are. The problem is that you don’t love or accept yourself and that is a cause of your suffering.
  August 18, BI1
Seeking the changeless in an always changing world is difficult because it cannot be found in the realm of time and space. It must be found within.
  August 5, SR
The real work of spiritual practice comes from accepting the unacceptable, the pain and fear of total annihilation. It takes a lifetime of preparation to find that grace. Start looking.
  July 29, LA
Being a flake, having no substance, no depth, no value, no purpose, is a terrible waste of a human life. It is our job to find soil, any soil, put down roots and become who we are meant to be.
  July 22, SR
Discovering the Universal in the particular. It is no accident that our mundane lives are manifestations of the Absolute.
  July 8, SR
The role of service in an awakened life. Thy will be done.
  July 1, LA
The grand "YES". It is the secret to getting through each day, each moment, and the last instant of your life. It is worth practicing.
  June 24, BI2
Many lives are misaligned and lead to tragic outcomes. The material world offers only temporary fixes. True alignment comes from the repair shop within. It is never closed.
  June 24, BI1
It is possible to go through a life and never know who you are. You don't want to meet your Self as you are departing the world. It is with you right now. Wake up.
  June 23, BI2
The adventure of life is setting out on a journey without any sense of where the next step leads. It involves great trust, openness and total surrender to the endless unknown.
  June 23, BI1
The experience of grace in human lives is recognized through a profound acceptance of whatever arises.
  June 17, SR
There is TRUTH, HIGHER TRUTH and the meditative soul searching that leads you to them. In this age of FAKE TRUTH, it is an essential journey to take.
  June 10, SR
Most human beings are clueless. There are few real answers in the outer world. True clues lie within. You will not find them with your mind. Be quiet. Listen hard. Dig deep.
  June 3, SR
Finding sanity in an insane world. The essential role of a Bodhisattva.
  May 27, LA
Spiritual strength and empowerment - a journey into action.
  May 20, SR
I have recently felt that I was done with life but couldn't escape the discomforting truth that I was still here. Welcome to death and rebirth.
  May 13, SR
Self-righteousness affects nearly all human beings and is the cause of much suffering. Consider being wrong. Consider not knowing.
  May 6, SR
Living in the moment does not mean burying your head in the sand to escape the world but being a witness to all of the past and future present in the Now.
  April 29, LA
We are multidimensional beings living in a world of chaos. Only when we expand beyond the dimensions of time and space can we find the truth and simplicity of who we are.
  April 22, SR
We don't know what we don't know... until the Universe reveals itself. Then we know what we don't know and there are no words for it.
  April 15, SR
The question "Who am I?" can best be answered by "I am That." You are not a who. The journey to That is what your life is about.
  April 8, LA
The human race may have only ten years left. How does this impact your search for enlightenment?
  April 1, SR
There two kinds of surrender, passive and active. Both are essential. Passive opens you to being with what is. Active engages the demands of what is. It is important to know the difference.
  March 25, SR
Spending the night cradled in the Buddha's hands. It's not what you would expect.
  March 18, SR
Why teachers stop teaching. Why the great teachings cannot be taught.
  March 11, SR
On turning 75. Lessons learned.
  March 4, SR
How to get what you want, what you wish for and what you need.
  February 25, LA
A brief talk on the celebration of Rudi's Samadhi.
  February 11, SR
Are we human beings learning to become spiritual or spiritual beings learning to become human?
  February 4, SR
Yo-Yo Yoga. How self-destructive behavior prevents spiritual growth and keeps people repeating the same cycles over and over again.
  January 28, LA
Suffering - personal and impersonal.
  January 21, SR
Our lives have a symphonic quality full of melody, theme, dissonance, coloration. Great symphonies and great lives come from a higher dimension. That is the source of Beauty.
  January 14, SR
Learning is a synaptic experience. We fill in the gaps. Somewhere between one set of facts and another is a space where knowing arises. That space, that arising, is our true home.
  January 6, SR
There is a place, deep within the heart, deep within the present moment, where Presence announces itself and says "Gotcha, I've got you." It has your back. It's worth finding.