This page contains audio recordings of talks given by Bruce Rubin.
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  December 29, NY
Remembering Ram Das and BE HERE NOW.
  December 22, NY
We are all impacted by our old stuff, historical, emotional, interpersonal, stuff that we've never outgrown, that has never gone away. It is not going anywhere and we better figure out how to deal with it.
  December 15, NY
The true joy of spiritual Being should not serve as a replacement for the joy of day to day life, of simply being alive. They are part and parcel of the same Truth and you cannot have one without the other.
  December 8, NY
Most of us do not have the will or inclination to sit under the Bodhi tree until enlightenment occurs. But, in many ways, the tree of life is the Bodhi tree and you are already under it. Just sit long enough to remember where you are.
  November 24, NY
There are always reasons not to do the hard thing in front of you. Overcoming the ego mind and its resistance to fear and discomfort is the journey of our lives. Discipline and will power are helpful but spiritual Inspiration is key. Dig deep and you will find it.
  November 17, NY
I dreamed I was being attacked by bees but somehow, I was not being stung. Instead the bees were swarming inside me and I realized that I was the hive itself, the very source of honey. Let go of fear and judgment and discover the truth of who you are.
  October 27, NY
There is a common lament among spiritual seekers that they haven't gotten there yet. The simple truth is that the only place to get to is "here" and you’ve never been anywhere else.
  October 20, NY
We do not so much evolve into a state of grace as realize that it has always been there. It is our ego minded self-striving that is blind to it. Let go and see who You truly are.
  October 13, NY
Our trip to Europe proved to be a dramatic farewell to Old World mythologies and our bearing witness to the new. It was a profound journey through the art, religious, political, environmental and personal stories of our lives. A new chapter has begun.
  September 15, NY
Facing the end of the world and the end of your life are not dissimilar. They are massive existential threats that require a profound psychic transformation, a journey into unconditional acceptance.
  September 1, NY
Asking to surrender is the core of Rudi's teaching. The final asking is to surrender the you that is asking.
  July 21, SR
The journey from practicing, to doing, to Being. The last talk (after 5 years) in San Rafael.
  July 14, SR
The clear light of reality is not something that greets you at the end of your life. It is always present. It illuminates this room. It illuminates your life.
  June 23, LA
Impermanence. A summing up. The final talk (after 35 years) in the Northridge home.
  June 9, SR
Spiritual practice and magical thinking.
  June 2, SR
Everything happens for a reason. Or does it?
  May 26, CA
The spiritual journey is to find wholeness while you are being shattered. We are all going to be annihilated in the end. Our goal is to discover and celebrate what remains.
  May 19, LA
I am an imperfect teacher. In a world of imperfect beings, that can be of help. If you are seeking perfection through a teacher, don't look to me. Find it in yourself.
  May 12, CA
Life is about transitions. Learning how to let go, to surrender, to accept change, is at the center of all transitions. More importantly, all transitions are practice for the last one.
  May 5, SR
People giving each other the best of who they are is all we look for in life. It is at the core of good story telling. It is at the center of the human journey.
  April 28, LA
Most people live in a three-dimensional world of time and space. Meditative stillness opens the door to a multidimensional existence. Step through the door.
  April 21, SR
"GOD EXISTS. RELAX". I was walking through the airport and saw a woman walking toward me with these words printed on her T-shirt. She was a holy messenger. Who knew? She transformed my week.
  April 7, SR
Buddha said that life is suffering but he did not say that suffering was a bad thing. In fact, it is through suffering that we discover and become our Self.
  March 31, LA
What is your default position? Where do you go? Is it turning on your cell phone, streaming Netflix, another vodka, going for a walk, meditation? Do you prefer to find or lose yourself? This will define you life.
  March 24, SR
How to live a conscious spiritual life in the midst of worldly and personal turmoil. Embracing the journey from doubt to trust.
  March 17, SR
There is a crushing horror in ego annihilation - even in awakened beings. One feels like a crab crawling out of its shell and experiencing total vulnerability. There is no easy path to enlightenment.
  March 10, LA
Forming a direct connection to God is at the core of the human experience. Becoming conscious is the doorway to that connection. Living an unconscious life is the path to suffering.
  March 3, SR
There is a difference between weather and climate. Weather you can prepare for, umbrellas, sunscreen, etc. Climate operates over centuries. It's invisible until it isn't. Prepare for change.
  February 24, LA
The end of an era, leaving Los Angeles and heading East. Celebrating Rudi's Samadhi with the endless cycle of endings and beginnings.
  February 17, SR
The Clear Light of Reality does not only greet you at the end of your life, you are surrounded by it, immersed in it at every second. If you don’t find it now, how will you recognize it then?
  February 10, SR
I'm experiencing so much change and transformation in my life that there are periods that I have no idea who or what I am. Welcome to Alzheimer's or Transcendence. Your call.
  February 3, SR
We are all addicted to the World Wide Web, the one we see on our screens and the other that we inhabit 24/7. Screens we can flick off. How do we wake up from the Web of the World?
  January 27, LA
When you find yourself adrift in the ocean of Being without a boat, without a paddle, you have a choice, float or flail. Every instinct will be to flail. Meditation trains you to float.
  January 20, SR
I Am that I Am is the only ultimate Knowing. Everything else is garbage. Let it go.
  January 13, SR
This is talk #365, one a day for a full year. What's interesting is that I have arrived at this moment knowing less than when I started, beginning with who am I and what am I doing?
  January 6, SR
The Bruce you see on YouTube each week is not the same person Blanche lives with every day. She often says, "Why don’t you listen to your own talks once in a while?" I did.